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I’d like to do this follow up from a previous post on disposable diapers because I feel it’s important to provide some key facts about companies promoting organic, natural or eco-friendly disposable diapers. There are so many of them out there, so I’m going to focus this post on the top 7 that I’ve heard talked about and seen written about most.

If you’ve read my previous post on disposable diapers then you know all the chemicals that are commonly used in making disposable diapers and none of which  are good for your baby or the environment and I know that we only want the best on our precious little ones.  I found it very difficult to get exact ingredients from the diaper companies, so I listed on the comparison below what they put on their box and what I found on their websites.

One noticeable factor all the diapers had in common from real customer reviews were general leakage issues, but I’d like to point out that most did not mention how long their infant had been in the diaper when the leakage occurred.  Nighttime leakage was another common complaint as well as the diaper quality itself, meaning it tended to fall/come apart. The biggest difference between the eco-friendly disposable diapers and standard ones are price.  Better quality means higher price and these diapers are noticeably pricey.

We are using the Pampers Pure for my 2.5 year old grandson and 10 month old granddaughter and so far we have not experience any leakage or defective issues.  The only thing we have seen is the core mesh material tends to stick to their bottoms.  I can tell you that Pampers Pure did not make my top 3, disappointing.  We will be requesting samples from my top 3 to give them a test ourselves.  I’ll update this post with the results.


My overall thoughts on each of the 7 that I’ve reviewed


Eco by Naty has a lot of certifications, but they also have a lot of negative customer reviews and no compostable material like Andy Pandy and Bambo Nature have and they are hard to find in local stores.

I like that the Babyganics diapers are tested by Pediatricians and Dermatologists and that there core is plant based, but I’ve also read where customers report that the material is not really soft and a bit scratchy feeling.  I like that the Seventh Generation diapers have the umbilical cord cutout for newborns and some people love them, but there’s also reports of quality and a paper like feeling.  The Honest Co diaper had a lot of great customer reviews, but there were concerns that the sizing needs to be consistent and the front does not stretch.

I think if you’re looking for the best eco-friendly diapers that are also compostable then Andy Pandy or Bambo Nature would be it closely followed by Eco Naty.  Andy Pandy you cannot get at your local store you have to order them online through their website, or at  Bambo Nature and Eco Nay can be hard to find at your local store so you may have to buy them online as well.

Pros & Cons by Brand

These are in no particular order

Brand Pros Cons Cost Available in Stores or Online only
Bambo Nature ♥Certified eco-label
♥100% sustainable materials
♥No chlorine in the bleaching process
♥No optical brighteners
♥No dangerous chemicals or allergens
♥No fragrance, essential oils and lotions
♥No heavy metal or azo pigment in the ink
♥85% compostable
♥Hard to find in stores
♥Material is thin
♥More expensive than other disposable diapers.  Online
reviews list that product price continues to increase
♥Reports of leakage issues
♥Can stick to baby’s skin
♥Reviews state the sizing runs smaller than listed
$69.00 box of 168 – size 1 – $0.41 Both, Google shows them at Walmart and Target
Eco by Naty ♥First eco diaper with OK Biobased Certification
♥Designed to minimize the risks of allergy and diaper rash
♥Based on natural and renewable material
♥Certified by the Swedish Asthma & Allergy Assoc. A
Swedish national association working to improve the
conditions & the understanding of people living with
asthma, allergy, intolerance & hyper sensitivity  Independently certified by AB Vincotte
♥GM-free, corn-based film
♥Free from chlorine, latex, TBT and fragrance. Naturally
♥More expensive than other standard disposable diapers
♥Not available in most major retailers/stores
♥Absorbency is average
♥No wetness indicator
♥Reviews indicate that leakage occurs in the back due to
♥no cinching
♥Reports of defective tab closures
♥Reports of noticeable odor
♥Diapers run small
$78.75 box of 104 – size 1 – $0.76 ea Both, Google shows them at Walmart, Walgreens and Target
Seventh Generation ♥Chlorine and bleach free
♥Colored with a natural dye
♥No fragrances, latex, PVC, harmful lotions/chemicals or
♥Umbilical cord cutout
♥Stretchy side wings used for fastening
♥Firm back elastic band to keep diaper up
♥More expensive than other standard disposable diapers
♥Diapers have a paper feeling
♥Reports of leakage issues
♥Reviews indicate poor quality
♥Reviews of product inconsistencies
$43.20 box of 160 – size 1 – $0.27 ea Both, Google shows them at Walmart, Walgreens and Target
The Honest Co ♥Hypoallergenic
♥Chlorine and bleach-free
♥No fragrance, latex, lotions or other chemical additives
♥Core features fluff pulp harvested from sustainably
managed forests
♥Stretchy side panels with refastenable tabs allow for a
custom and comfortable fit
♥Plant-based inner and outer layer are gentle on your
baby’s delicate skin
♥Citrus and chlorophyll naturally block odors to keep
baby smelling fresh and clean
♥More expensive than other disposable diapers
♥No wetness indicator
♥Runs a little small
♥Non stretchy front – could be issue if baby has bigger
$25.99 box of 80 – size 1 – $0.32 ea Both, Google show them at Target and they are available at some Costco stores
Andy Pandy ♥100% chlorine free
♥No alcohol or preservatives
♥Free of Phthalates
♥No latex, pvc, tbt or antioxidants
♥100% biodegradable
♥Odor resistant
♥Moisture wicking & thermal regulating capabilities to
keep baby skin dry and comfy in both hot and cold
♥Naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial
♥More expensive than other standard disposable diapers
♥NB size runs big
♥Not available in stores, you must order online
♥Reports of leakage
♥Recent reviews indicate quality has changed over time
for the worse instead of better
$36.95 box of 94 – size S (1) – $0.39 Online only via Amazon, company website, Walmart website
Pampers Pure ♥Plant based & Polypropylene fibers
♥Safe, nontoxic Polymer
♥Free of natural rubber
♥Made without chlorine bleach, fragrance, parabens,
♥lotion, and all EU 26 allergens (fragrance allergens)
♥More expensive than other standard disposable diapers
♥Reports of defective Velcro tabs
♥Reviews indicate leakage issues
♥No pocket/strip on the back to prevent leakage
♥Mesh in diaper sticks to baby’s bottom
$24.94 box of 74 – size 1 – $0.34 ea Both, Google shows them at Walmart, Walgreens and Target
Babyganics ♥No chlorine, latex, petroleum based fragrances/lotions
♥100% natural NeoNourish seed oil – nurture/support baby skin
♥Plant based ingredients
♥Soft stretch sides
♥Wetness indicator
♥Tested by pediatricians and dermatologists
♥Core made with plant based ingredients
♥More expensive than other standard disposable diapers
♥Reviews of leakage issues
♥Reports of small fit
♥1 report of splinters found in diaper
♥Reports of diaper not being soft, but scratchy
♥Reports of diapers being defective
$57.93 box of 232 – size 1 – $0.25 Both, Google shows them at Walmart, Target and Kmart

Review Summary

I’d like to note that there may be other specialty stores in your local area that carry these diapers besides the stores listed above, but all of them can be purchased directly through Amazon which is where I got the cost information for each brand using a size 1 diaper.  I’ve pasted links below should you want additional information.

♥Bambo Nature

Eco by Naty

Seventh Generation

The Honest Co

Pampers Pure


Disposable diapers sure have come a long way since my children were in diapers in the early eighties and with all the public pressure for more environmentally friendly, chemically/bleach free and compostable disposable diapers I’m sure we will see more improvements and even new companies emerge with their own brand.

A lot of information to digest, I know so please feel free to leave me a comment or let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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